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Fukuno-ya Akita Samisen Live

Fukuno-ya Akita Samisen Live

The triangular roof is the landmark. In the middle of the onsen village, the triangular roof is the landmark of Fukuno-ya. Starting with the conger eel, Mr. Ito\'s cooking philosophy is to "cook freshly caught seafood right on the beach." In addition to seasonal Oga delicacies such as grilled hatahata and shotsuru nabe, you can also choose from a wide variety of ramen and combination menus.

Live performance from 8:00pm and 9:30pm (No live on Tue., 9:30pm only on Mon.)
61-5 Kusakihara, Yumoto, Kitaura, Oga, Akita 010-0687

Opening hours: 11:30am to 1:30pm, 6:00pm to 12:00am
Closed: Irregular

Last updated : 2021.04.03