Access to Oga Onsenkyo

The Oga Peninsula is located in the central part of Akita Prefecture, on the west side of Akita City, and protrudes into the Sea of ​​Japan. Oga Onsenkyo is located on the north side of the Oga Peninsula.
From Akita Airport, take the " Akita Airport Liner Oga Peninsula " for about 1.5 hours, from Akita Station for just over an hour, and if you take the JR Oga Line from Akita Station to Oga Station, take the " Oga Peninsula Ainori Taxi Namahage Shuttle " You can move to Oga Onsenkyo. In addition, the Namahage Shuttle allows you to go back and forth between Oga Onsenkyo and the main sightseeing spots of Oga such as the Namahage Museum and the Oga Aquarium GAO, so you can enjoy sightseeing in Oga based in Oga Onsenkyo.


by Car

Tohoku Expressway Kitakami JCT to Akita Expressway → (about 2 hrs) → Showa Oga Peninsula I.C. → (about 40 min) → Oga Onsenkyo

by Shinkansen or train

Take the JR Akita Shinkansen Komachi to Akita Sta.

Tokyo - Akita Sta.15 round trips / dayAbout 4 hours
Sendai - Akita Sta.1 round trips / dayAbout 2.5 hours

From Akita Sta. to Oga Sta. on the JR Oga Line

The nearest station is Oga Sta., the last stop on the JR Oga Line, or Hadachi Sta. just before.

Please check the time on the JR East website

From Oga Sta., take the Namahage Shuttle to the Namahage Museum, etc.

If you use the Ainori Taxi Namahage Shuttle, which connects Oga Sta., Oga Onsenkyo, Namahage Museum, Oga Aquarium GAO, etc., you can enjoy major sightseeing in Oga while you are coming from Oga Sta. to the hotel or when you return the next day. You can drop in at the spot.

Transfer from Hadachi Sta. to the hotel by route bus

If you use the fixed-route bus Oga-Kita Line, take the bus from Hadachi Sta. and it takes about 40 min to Oga Chuo or Oga Kanko Hotel.

Please check the Oga City website for the time of the route bus

* Please note that there is no free shuttle bus at Hadachi Sta.

Directly to the hotel from Oga Sta. by free shuttle bus

There are two free shuttle buses from Oga Sta. to the hotel on the outbound and inbound routes each day. About free shuttle bus

by Plane

Departure and arrival at Akita Airport

Sapporo (New Chitose)JAL・ANA55 min
Tokyo (Haneda)JAL・ANA65 min
Nagoya (Chubu Centrair International)ANA85 min
Osaka (Itami)JAL・ANA80 min

From Akita Airport to the hotel

Akita Airport Liner (shared taxi)

Go straight to Oga Onsen on the Akita Airport Liner "Oga Hanto" departing from and arriving at Akita Airport. Please check the Akita Airport Liner website for prices .

Akita Airport → JR Akita Sta. → JR Oga Sta. → Our hotel

Akita Airport → (Limousine Bus: 40 min) → Akita Sta. → Oga Sta. → (Our free shuttle bus / reservation required) → Hotel

Car rental

There is a rental car near Akita Airport. It takes about 1.1 hours by car from Akita Airport to Oga Onsenkyo (about 75km by highway).

Free shuttle bus from Oga Sta. to the hotel

There are two free shuttle buses from Oga Sta. to the hotel on the outbound and inbound routes.

* Please make a reservation at least 2 days before use.
* Please note that the operating hours are fixed.

Access to Oga Onsenkyo

No.From Oga Sta.JR Oga Line to connect
1Around 14:4014:33 Arr.
2Around 16:3516:28 Arr.
* Customers who make a reservation will depart as soon as they board.

[Send] Hotel → JR Oga Sta.

No.Oga HotelOga Tourist HotelSeiko Grand HotelJR Oga Line to connect
1Dep. around 8:05Dep. around 8:08Dep. around 8:109:00 Dep.
2Dep. around 9:35Dep. around 9:38Dep. around 9:4010:20 Dep.