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Cape Nyudozaki

Cape Nyudozaki

The northernmost tip of the Oga Peninsula, on the 40th parallel of north latitude. It is famous as a scenic spot, and the exquisite contrast between the green land, blue sea, and sky is mesmerizing. The lighthouse, which is the symbol of this place, has an interesting black-and-white stripe pattern and has been selected as one of the 50 best lighthouses in Japan. When you come here, lie down on the grass and enjoy a peaceful moment with the beautiful lighthouse beside you and the sea. There are also many tourist spots, including a sea bottom viewing boat, souvenir shops, and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood. This is a popular touring course for bikers.

It is located in the upper leftmost (northwest) corner of Oga. It is closer if you go through the Namahage Line, but it is more beautiful if you go through the west coast (Oga Shiokaze Kaido), where you can see the sea.

Last updated : 2021.04.02